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Intermodal, rail transport, logistics and ltl and truckload freight shipping SAP technology


We make the shipper’s life easier with SAP technology

At Axsun, we invest in our business, our business relationships and the people who make our business successful.

With Axsun, customers experience a seamless set of integrated, cross-functional business processes that make the management of their supply chain easier. The overall benefits are extensive and are a direct result of these “SAP based” improvements to our operations which include:

  • Improved alignment of strategies and operations in real-time to access and identify concerns early and implement proactive solutions
  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity within and beyond operations
  • Reduced costs through increased flexibility and well defined processes
  • Increased financial control through deep visibility and business analytics

“We make it easy for our customers and Axsun team members to access vital shipment and account information in real-time.”